Hello, world!

by Kevin on Wed Apr 15, 2020

Within the first year of us meeting in summer of 2015, Stacey and I learned that together we are so very bad at sitting still.

On a related note, we have decided to start a blog.

Like many of our projects, endeavors, and adventures, it began as a joke. Five minutes later, Stacey was jotting down thoughts for a name. The next day, we registered the busybee.life domain and I set up a repository for the server.

(Because, of course, we could not use a blogging platform; I had to write it by hand.)

So here we are...

As if we are not already busy enough with raising an (incredibly) active and emotional toddler, trying to maintain careers, and improving (sometimes cosmetically, sometimes structurally) our almost 200 year-old home, we thought it would be fun to write about all of these things that keep us too busy.

(Because, of course, why would we not add something else to our day?)

Beyond just the fun of it or needing creative outlets, writing about these experiences helps us process them. In some cases, we hope it might help you the reader process any similar experiences you might have, or at the very least give you a few laughs at our expense.

... on a[nother] new journey.

New beginnings can be exciting, especially when there is no destination in mind. Not having a destination also helps us put a lot less pressure on ourselves, which (like sitting still) is something we struggle with.

We're looking forward to this new journey and to seeing where it leads.

We're hoping you enjoy it too!